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Myriad Green has been one of the leading names in Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounding areas for Irrigation Systems

Rainbird Irrigation Popup

Rain Bird Popops

This is A small but Robust Irrigation Popup For those Hard to dig Irrigation Areas In Pretoria Where There Are Mostly Rocks And

Rain bird Rotor installations

We Have Installed The reliable Gear drive 5004 Rain Bird Irrigation In Pretoria for The Last 13 Years It still remains Top Off its Cass


What we do

Lawn & Garden Care

We Prepare Deliver install instant lawn

Irrigation & Products

All Irrigation Installations And Repairs As well As Sales off Diy Kits

Planting & Removal

Myriad green Supplies And Plants Flowers, Shrubs and Big Trees

Pretoria Irrigation Installation Repairs .

Pretoria irrigation installation Freshly Laid Lawn And Borehole Automation 

Shepstone Gardens Borehole Replacement And Nist Controller Installation 


More Services

We develop effective lawn irrigation systems, using quality, gear-driven pop-up sprinklers, underground pipe-work and drippers,Irrigation system Designed Especially for The Pretoria Climate

  • Irrigation Installations
  • Irrigation Sprinkler Repairs
  • Irrigation Suppies
  • Automate Your Irrigation
  • Irrigation Water storege Tanks
  • Irrigation Booster Pumps
Rain Bird pretoria irrigation Installations
To develop an effective lawn irrigation system, you need quality gear-driven pop-up sprinklers which are installed in the lawn using underground pipe-work, making the system invisible when not in use. The sprinkler rises out of the ground when watering commences, and covers the area in rain-like droplets

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